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Build your own music camp in your own backyard this summer!

Many of us are staying home this Summer and looking for unique activities for our kids and teens!


Our goal is to offer safe, educational and, of course, FUN music activities to our Toronto community this Summer. 

Pick your favourite music camp program! We have options for ALL levels (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced)


How does it work?

Invite your friends and neighbours to join in building a custom summer music camp right in your own backyard! Choose your camp days, times, and preferred program, and we'll send our terrific teachers to your backyard!


Safety First! Maximum of 8 Campers. All government regulations will be followed. (Learn more HERE) 

Space required for the program: front or backyard access and indoor space in the event of rain.

Dates you can book: from July 6th through September 4th

Weekdays you can book: Monday through Sunday!

Age groups: for ages 4 - TEEN! Each program is geared toward a specific age group. Read more about each program below! NO prior music experience necessary.

Length of each day: 1.5hr Min. to a Max. 3hrs

How many can I book?: book for just one day of fun, or one session a day for a whole week! It's up to you.

Recommended Booking = One Week (five consecutive days) to reach a performance goal on the last day of camp!

*Campers must bring their own Snacks / Lunch*


Kids Blowing Bubbles


Class size: 2 - 8 campers

Each camp day has a new music theme! (Pop, Rock, Decades, Underwater, Hip Hop, Movie Music...and so much more!!)


This program has a little bit of everything! Explore different genres of music through Glee Club (singing & choreography), Ukulele, Rhythm / Percussion Instruments, and Piano. 


*Beginner and Intermediate | Instruments Provided*


Class size: 2 - 8 campers

Just sing! Campers focus on solid vocal technique, while learning 2-3 songs to perform with choreography on the last day.

Similar to our Glee Club classes (Singing and Choreography)


*Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced *

Group Karaoke
People Playing Djembe


Class size: 2 - 8 campers

Introduction to world rhythms and instruments of Cuba, Brazil, and West Africa. Discover a variety of percussion instruments!

Great for drum beginners or just make some noise to the exciting beats!

*Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced | Instruments provided*​



Class size: 3 - 5 campers

Learn team building through a band setting, with a strong focus on Pop and/or Rock Music!

Instruments include Drums, Guitar, Bass, Vocals, and Keys (One participant for each instrument OR min. of two different instruments).


*Some music experience required, Intermediate and Advanced - great for PRE-TEENS and TEENS!*​

Image by Nguyễn Hiệp
Image by Kelly Sikkema


Class size: 2 - 8 campers

For any instrument! (Piano, guitar, bass, drums, horns, etc.)

Learn music from video games and jam with friends! Learn how to read and understand lead sheets.

*Some music experience required, Intermediate and Advanced - great for PRE-TEENS and TEENS!*​


Class size: 2 - 5 campers

Calling all vocalists, guitarists, and pianists! Learn songwriting basics and perform 1-2 originals with accompaniment by end of week! Five sessions recommended.


Recording of your original song included. We bring the mic and mixer!


*Some music experience required, Intermediate and Advanced - great for PRE-TEENS and TEENS!*​

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

pricing and instructors

Rates are based on locations in Toronto. Learn more and save more by booking five or more days!

  • Daily Rate (1 - 4 Days) = $120 per hour

  • Weekly Rate (5+ Days) = $99 per hour 

*These are flat rates and include up to the maximum number of campers permitted within the program. Rates may vary depending on the booking / individual needs*

All of our instructors' details can be found HERE.


Don't have an instrument?
Interested in one of the pre-teen and teen programs and don't have an instrument? Ask us about instrument rentals - we'll get you jammin' in no time!

What about social distancing?

You can build your own camp and ask those you feel most comfortable with to join you. It's a great time to join with family members and neighbours for some musical fun at home!


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