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Whether you want to learn the techniques of your favourite  artists of the past or perform like the top-chart artists of today, Rockschool can take you on a musical journey like no other.

RSL was founded on an ethos to provide innovative, contemporary qualifications for music and the arts. Being at the forefront of the industry for over 25 years, our operations include Rockschool Graded Music ExamsProfessional Diplomas, Vocational Qualifications (VQ's) and Performance Arts Awards (PAA).

Female Singer and Bass Guitar


Your favourite Rockschool music books, tracks, and supporting tests on all your devices.

Visit the online store to purchase your book or digital PDF and take it with you wherever you go.



The next generation of interactive music books, Replay has some amazing features designed to give you absolute freedom and control over your practice. Practice at your own pace, stay motivated to practice and keep learning whether you're a pro or just love to play.


Replay features a collection of digital tools that will help take your practice to the next level.

  • E-books

  • Enhanced Audio

  • Tempo Change

  • Synthetic Performances

  • Metronome

  • Fretboard & Keyboard View

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graded music exams

Rockschool music qualifications are tailor-made for the contemporary musician. Ranging from introductory grades all the way up to university-level degrees - we ensure your hard work is rewarded by a valuable qualification regardless of your age or musical ability.

Music Production



A 25+ year history of innovation throughout music education, providing aspiring producers and engineers with the most accessible music production graded syllabus.

On completion of a Rockschool Music Production grade, every candidate will own a wealth of technical, practical and theoretical knowledge that they can apply to real-world scenarios - whether it's in audio production, electronic music production, mixing, editing, mastering or sound for media.

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